Customer Testimonials


L. Timperley – Surrey, BC, Canada

MINI DRAGON – Love this tool. A gift from my husband. No more weeds coming up in my driveway or any other unwanted places. The best part is not usi...
  • Sarah Nattier

J. Fischer – Oakdale, MN

MINI DRAGON – Simple and easy to use.
  • Sarah Nattier

M. Albrink – Lakehurst, NJ

MINI DRAGON – Your Mini Dragon is a true time saver for me. I love it! I brag to all my friends about how easy it is to operate and keep the weeds ...
  • Sarah Nattier

M. Graves – St. John, IN

MINI DRAGON – Perfect product for work around the house. Will really save the knees form weed pulling.
  • Sarah Nattier