Did you know Flame also takes steps to green manufacturing?

Flame Engineering, Inc. actively provides and promotes safe, sustainable products produced in an environmentally conscious work place supporting healthy surroundings by conserving, recycling and maintaining stewardship to the planet for the well-being of current and future generations.


It is Flame Engineering’s mission to help customers maintain their ecofriendly lifestyle with USA sourced materials for Made in America products while working mutually to minimize our environmental impact.


Energy Consumption – Our consumption of energy is carefully monitored and measures are taken to ensure it is not wasted

  • Lighting- updated in 2013
  • Wind generator – the first unit, a 30KWH wind turbine, was installed in 1985, and an updated 100KWH unit has been in operation since 2011 which allows approximately 25% yearly savings


Office procedure- Our office implements many paperless practices to cut office waste

  • Receive electronic purchase orders, invoices, and other business documents from suppliers and customers whenever possible
  • Encourage our customers to sign up for electronic invoicing via fax or email to reduce paper usage
  • Increased use of e-mail greatly reducing the amount of paper recycled
  • Business records are digitized to minimize hard copy document storage when available
  • Multifunctional devices (for faxing, printing and photocopying) are used to reduce energy and paper usage


Reducing waste- Flame Engineering finds uses for many leftover materials

  • Recycle discarded paper
  • Use recycled paper for copying and printing
  • Use recycled paper towels
  • Use reusable water cups
  • Implement recycling programs for batteries, printer and toner cartridges ensuring safe disposal
  • Catalogs and price sheet made from recycled paper
  • We encourage staff and visitors to recycle aluminum cans and paper by placing recycling bins in central areas
  • Recycle spent fluorescent lamps, batteries and printer cartridges
  • Reduced amount of our landfill waste by finding ways of recycling materials, such as scrap metal, and cardboard, either in-house or in conjunction with others who are able to use the material constructively
  • Use of our flame weeding torches on our own property for removal of weeds and grasses


Manufacturing – We strive to conserve material while reducing waste

  • Lighting updated and replaced in 2013 with T8 bulbs
  • Reuse and repurpose pallets, repair when necessary
  • Equipment (vehicular and shop machinery) is regularly tested and maintained for optimum performance efficiency
  • Recycling of paint thinner in the paint department




Take care of the earth and she will take care of you. ˜Author Unknown

No task is too urgent that time is not taken to perform it in a safe, effective manner.


Proud to be a Green America certified business.

Sustainability matters.