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Customer Testimonials

The following are actual comments sent to us from satisfied customers on product registration cards. These should give you an idea of all the things you can do with one of our torch kits!

Trent P. - British Columbia, Canada


Keith M. - Kentucky

WEED DRAGON - I made this purchase on the internet. I am very happy to have a weed dragon. I expect it will be very helpful next summer weeding the garden and around the house.  I may be able to use it this winter also to help keep the sidewalk clean.

R. Gaddy - Dillon, SC

POULTRY HOUSE SANITIZER - I'm a poultry farmer for Perdue Farms. I bought my burner to try to help my performance of my houses against a lot of windrowers. I could tell the first flock that it helped tremendously. Thanks!

G. Reddix – Garden Valley, ID

SQUEEZE VALVE – The squeeze handle works great. It was easy to assemble to the VT3-30C. Nice to have a low pilot flame, saves on propane while using [it] over a large area.

D. Kreutzer - Leoti, KS

AG HITCHES - Hitch lasted 20 years!

W. Lechner - Chinook, MT

CONSTRUCTION HEATER - A friend brought two of your heaters to our son's football games. The players said it was the heaters that got them all the way to 2nd in state class C this year. Thanks!

E. Alscher – Manotick, ON, Canada

CYLINDER DOLLY – The CD-100 Cylinder Dolly is indispensable where mobility is a requirement. I use it with 20lb and 30lb propane cylinders for the Weed Dragon and the Red Dragon. The single centered handle makes it easy to tug along with one hand while operating my Dragon of choice with the other.

J. Pearson – Martinsburg, PA

CYLINDER DOLLY – Made in the USA… I LIKE THAT. Also the price is just right. Sturdy build.

A. Fullerton - Baltimore, MD

PREHEATER - Last winter I would freeze waiting for the airport to bring out their preheating truck and take 20-30 minutes to preheat my plane. I was a little skeptical when i was told the Red Dragon could get it done in much less time. [The] kit came in several boxes but [with] straight forward directions for assembly and operation.... i was impressed at the amount of heat. Great product, thanks!

D. Sutherland - Port Ewen, NY

PREHEATER - Been using a club owned Red Dragon [preheater] for some 30 years. Never been in for repair, always starts with 1/2 strokes of ignitor. Preheats [aircraft] engine in 15 minutes. Now a new Red Dragon for me!