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Which Torch Kit is Right for Me?

 Flame Engineering propane torches for organic weed control

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You have probably noticed that all of our torches have a BTU rating along with a model number. BTU (British Thermal Unit) measures the intensity or the energy output of the torch. This unit of measure does not matter in the weed torch world as much as the size of the torch kit.

Your purchase will depend on what size of flame you need/want. You can see the flame sizes by torch diameter HERE. You will see that in just ½” there is a significant change in your flame size. Remember, there will be some deflection off the ground when using your torch. For instance, when pointed at the ground, the Weed Dragon® models have a flame area about the size of a large dinner plate.


The model numbers will tell how big your torch will be. Example: Model VT3-30C/SVC/Combo, the VT stands for Vapor Torch, which means that the torch runs on vapor. The first number refers to the diameter of the bell at the end of the torch were the flame comes out, in this case 3”. The second number is the length of the handle, 30”. And the letters at the end stand for several different things. The C stands for Complete, which means you will get the complete kit (metal torch, hose, fittings, spark lighter). The SVC refers to our Squeeze Valve. The Squeeze valve allows you to set a low pilot type setting, then, when you depress the squeeze handle lever you will get the full flame. You can find out more HERE. The COMBO means that a cylinder dolly is included. The Squeeze Valve and dolly are VERY optional. The squeeze valve only creates a one handed increase in flame, rather than turning the flame up or down with the adjusting needle valve only (the dial looking fitting). The dolly can be replaced with any dolly or wagon you have around. Just be sure to secure the tank upright so it does not fall off or over. Bungee cords or an old belt works great.


For larger areas such as large acreage, farm and ranch properties, or large area that need completely eradicated of vegetation, you may opt for one of the Heavy Duty torch kits . These torches have large powerful flames that will make flaming large areas much faster.


Of course, all the torches will have the same effect on unwanted vegetation when used properly. It is a matter of how much flame you want/need to flame the areas you need in an effective amount of time.

The Weed Dragon® and heavy duty torches will require 20lb cylinders. Any standard 20lb cylinder will work (old and new styles). The POL fitting included in each torch kit will screw directly into a propane tank with no additional fittings necessary. 



The Back Pack torches are designed for short term use with only about 30 mins of available flame time on the included 10lb tank (shipped empty). These units were developed for forestry and extremely remote settings where it is absolutely impossible to wheel or vehicle a propane tank. 



The Jet torches, our most powerful handheld torch, is designed for large industrial and commercial use. It requires a 100lb propane tank and is most commonly used for starting large brush fires, and starting back fires in forestry services. The Jet torch sports a huge flame, about the size of small car.

For more on how your flame will look and operate check out our VIDEOS page.

For more on troubleshooting your torch kit we have a FAQ section.

For more information on how flame weeding works and how to properly flame your weeds, look at our Flame Weeding 101.



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