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News, Press Releases and Magazine Articles

Flame Engineering, Inc. Wins Honorable Mention Award in NRHA Packaging and Merchandising Competition

Flame Engineering recently received the Honorable Mention distinction in the 2017 Packaging and Merchandising Awards (PMA) program, presented by North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA).

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Butane-Propane News Magazine January 2017

Organic Farming One of Many Ag Growth Areas for Propane

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Steady Flame - Hays Daily News, Hays, KS

Our local newspaper does a Pride of Rush County monthly story. Read about our manufacturing facility from an outside eye!

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Case Study with Lee Newman on Tobacco Flame Weeding

"Lee Newman has been farming for decades on his family farm near Sumter, South Carolina. The farm includes organic tobacco, corn, soybeans, wheat, and cotton, as well as twelve turkey grower houses. As owner of the operation, Newman is constantly analyzing and searching for the most effective, cost-efficient means of running his farm."

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"Flame Weeding: A Hot Alternative to Herbicides"

Journal of Pesticice Reform, Winter Issue 2006
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Fighting Fire with Fire

"Fire has been a driving force in nature for millennia. It shaped the Earth's landscape and favored some plant communities over others. Humans learned to use fire to their advantage: Native Americans and early settlers used fire to clear land, attract or drive game, and foster agriculture. Fire was a staple of life."
Hobby Farms Magazine, July/August 2014
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Don't repeat mistakes that led to Superweeds

Arkansas farmer Tommy Young says Southern growers have lived through nearly a decade of torment, fighting a destructive, fast-growing weed that can carry a million seeds, grow as tall as an NBA player and is unfazed by several herbicides.
-The Des Moines Register
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Another Unique Use For Our Torches!

Our torches are known for killing weeds and melting snow! But this video shows one very unique use in the culinary world. At the 1:24 mark, he explains another fun use for our Red Dragon!
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"Flame Cultivation Promising as Weed Control Method for Cranberry"

"...Recent interest in reducing chemical inputs into cranberry growing systems has led researchers to evaluate alternative methods such as flame cultivation as a potential non chemical weed control option...."
American Society for Horticultural Science
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"Heat getting more attention as means of fighting weeds"

Farm & Ranch Guide, Bradenton, Friday, June 23, 2006
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