Customer Testimonials


R. Bolling – Ormond Beach, FL

WEED DRAGON – My new ‘flame-thrower’ makes killing weeds almost fun!... and to top it off, I get a warm fuzzy feeling from knowing that I’m not add...
  • Sarah Nattier

C. Dear – London, ON, Canada

MINI DRAGON – Did a great job clearing unsightly weeds/grass growing in seams on our pool deck.
  • Sarah Nattier

M. Merwine – Springfield, OH

MINI DRAGON – The Mini Dragon is so much easier to use than the heavy gas trimmer I used along my fence line. The line broke constantly and was ver...
  • Sarah Nattier

L. Collins Jr. – Cedar Rapids, IA

WEED DRAGON – Looked at several propane torches around town, I did not like what I saw. I bought one locally that was foreign and it did not work. ...
  • Sarah Nattier