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Customer Testimonials

The following are actual comments sent to us from satisfied customers on product registration cards. These should give you an idea of all the things you can do with one of our torch kits!

Kevin – Waterford, NY

MINI DRAGON – Love it. Turned a weeks worth of pulling weeds into an afternoon of strolling around my property.


MINI DRAGON - ...If you are looking for a reliable, multi-functional torch, I can't recommend the Mini Dragon enough.

L. Timperley – Surrey, BC, Canada

MINI DRAGON – Love this tool. A gift from my husband. No more weeds coming up in my driveway or any other unwanted places. The best part is not using chemicals. We like a safe environment for our grandchildren and pets. Thank you Red Dragon.

J. Fischer – Oakdale, MN

MINI DRAGON – Simple and easy to use.

M. Albrink – Lakehurst, NJ

MINI DRAGON – Your Mini Dragon is a true time saver for me. I love it! I brag to all my friends about how easy it is to operate and keep the weeds gone without chemicals!

M. Graves – St. John, IN

MINI DRAGON – Perfect product for work around the house. Will really save the knees form weed pulling.

R. Bolling – Ormond Beach, FL

WEED DRAGON – My new ‘flame-thrower’ makes killing weeds almost fun!... and to top it off, I get a warm fuzzy feeling from knowing that I’m not adding more toxic poisonous chemicals into our already stressed out environment. Two-thumbs up to the folks at Weed Dragon for making such a useful and well made product!

C. Dear – London, ON, Canada

MINI DRAGON – Did a great job clearing unsightly weeds/grass growing in seams on our pool deck.

M. Merwine – Springfield, OH

MINI DRAGON – The Mini Dragon is so much easier to use than the heavy gas trimmer I used along my fence line. The line broke constantly and was very noisy. This is much easier on my back than hand weeding and much faster!

L. Collins Jr. – Cedar Rapids, IA

WEED DRAGON – Looked at several propane torches around town, I did not like what I saw. I bought one locally that was foreign and it did not work. I am returning it this week. Received yours today, hooked it up and it worked the first time. Thanks for a great product!