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Another Unique Use For Our Torches!

Our torches are known for killing weeds and melting snow! But this video shows one very unique use in the culinary world. At the 1:24 mark, he expl...
  • Kathy Schupman

"Flame Cultivation Promising as Weed Control Method for Cranberry"

"...Recent interest in reducing chemical inputs into cranberry growing systems has led researchers to evaluate alternative methods such as flame cu...
  • Kathy Schupman

"Heat getting more attention as means of fighting weeds"

Farm & Ranch Guide, Bradenton, Friday, June 23, 2006Download PDF
  • Kathy Schupman

JFK Memorial - Eternal Flame

Flame Engineering has a connection to Arlington Cemetery and the JFK eternal flame. NBC nightly news shows the temporary unit manufactured by Flame...
  • Kathy Schupman