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Red Dragon and Weed Dragon in Top 9 Best Propane Torches

The Weed Dragon comes in at #5 and the Heavy Duty VT3-30 torch comes in at #3. Flame Engineering torches are made in the Kansas, USA. Read More
  • Sarah Nattier

Flame Weeding - New Holland Sizz Weeder

Flame weeding is truly the original weed control! Producer's have been using flame to control unwanted growth in fields and this article in the New...
  • Sarah Nattier

Kansas Company Honored for 16 Years with No Lost-Time Accidents

The Kansas Department of Labor's Industrial Safety and Health division and Secretary Lana Gordon recognized Flame Engineering Inc. of LaCrosse, Kan...
  • Kathy Schupman

Flame Weeding: Turn up the Heat to Fight Weeds

Flame weeding (also referred to as flaming) has been an apt option for or­ganically ridding row crops and fields of uninvited weeds while also repl...
  • Kathy Schupman