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Case Study with Lee Newman on Tobacco Flame Weeding

"Lee Newman has been farming for decades on his family farm near Sumter, South Carolina. The farm includes organic tobacco, corn, soybeans, wheat, ...
  • Kathy Schupman

"Flame Weeding: A Hot Alternative to Herbicides"

Journal of Pesticice Reform, Winter Issue 2006Download PDF
  • Kathy Schupman

Fighting Fire with Fire

"Fire has been a driving force in nature for millennia. It shaped the Earth's landscape and favored some plant communities over others. Humans lear...
  • Kathy Schupman

Don't repeat mistakes that led to Superweeds

Arkansas farmer Tommy Young says Southern growers have lived through nearly a decade of torment, fighting a destructive, fast-growing weed that can...
  • Kathy Schupman