Customer Testimonials


L. Childress – Sunderland, MD

RED DRAGON – I have a hobby farm with a large vegetable garden. The Red Dragon allows me to maintain a chemical free environment. It’s also great f...
  • Sarah Nattier

J. Bullard - Orleans, MA

RED DRAGON - A nice Christmas gift. We will use it to remove asparagus residing and weeds from stone/shell driveway.
  • Sarah Nattier

E. Babor - Chamois, MO

RED DRAGON - My husband and I are 62 and needed help with lots of weeding on our property and our rentals. This is the best helper we could have as...
  • Sarah Nattier

Doug L. - Centerville, MI

Received the product and it was beyond expectations. A very well made product and I'm proud to buy an American made item. Please keep up the great ...
  • Sarah Nattier