Customer Testimonials


Kenneth J. - E. Liverpool, OH

BACK PACK - What a great piece of weed burning energy. This is easy.
  • Sarah Nattier

Larry T. - Oak Hall VA

RED DRAGON - My word, the greatest invention since the wheel! Works like a charm and made in the good ole USA! Brings out the boy in me and I'm 65 ...
  • Sarah Nattier

Debbie W. - Salem, OR

RED DRAGON - Getting Rid of weeds without using pesticides is important to me. the Red Dragon torch kit is a way to do this without too much time i...
  • Sarah Nattier

P. Bridwell

"RED DRAGON - What and awesome tool! I had only planned to give it a test run when I got it home, but ended up flaming the entire gravel driveway. ...
  • Kathy Schupman