Vineyard & Orchard Flaming FAQs

Which unit would be best for my operation?

If you farm over 40 acres we recommend the GP-1000. If you have a small farm under 40 acres or if you have tight row spacing, we recommend the GP-750.

How fast can I travel while flaming?

With the GP-1000, 5 mph is the maximum. With the GP-750, 3 mph is the maximum.

What is the average fuel consumption per acre?

You can expect to use between 3 and 6 gallons (15-23 Liters) per acre depending on the spacing of the berms.

Will flaming damage my vines or trees?

No, not as long as you keep moving.

Will flaming damage my irrigation lines and sprinkler heads?

When berms are free of old residue and debris, flaming will not damage irrigation lines, sprinkler heads or vine covers. There is, however, a possibility of damage to irrigation systems and vine shields if your berms contain old residue which could catch fire. If you are going to flame orchards with exposed sprinkler systems or vine shields, keep moving when the torches are burning and clean up the berms throughout the growing season and as needed in the fall to reduce residue.