We recommend these products for city municipalities, fire departments, and parks maintenance. 


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Backpack Kits

The Weed Dragon® & VT21/2-30C backpack models are great for very small, quick jobs specifically in areas that a tank cannot be wheeled, such as forestry services, municipalities and extremely rough terrain and remote areas. We've packaged it with a durable backpack and 10 lb. cylinder to make your weed flaming even easier. Versatile and easy to use! 


Weed Dragon Torch Kits

The WEED DRAGON® is the perfect propane torch kit for home and garden use. We've regulated the flame and BTU down for homeowners who don't need the power of a farm torch and we've assembled it. This torch kit is still plenty powerful for lots of tough jobs all year long and generates heat up to 2,000° F. The 100,000 BTU Weed Dragon® quickly hooks up to any 20# refillable propane tank (barbecue cylinders work great) and even comes with a hand-tighten tank fitting (you don't even need a wrench!). These torches are more manageable for around the house with a 2" flame opening and 12" flame length. 


Mini DragonTorch Kit

The Mini Dragon™ provides the perfect pin-point flame (1" diameter where the flame comes out) for small jobs around the home & garden.  Perfect for chemical free spot weeding, lighting charcoal, chimineas, campfires and more.  For use with 14 oz. to 1 pound propane cylinders. Perfect for: Spot Weeding • Driveways • Sidewalks & Walkways • Between Garden Rows • Around Hardwood Trees • Along Fences & Borders • Inside Rock Gardens • Patios, Sand Boxes & Play Areas • Much, Much More! Used properly, the Mini Dragon™ is safe and easy to operate and is a great tool to reduce or eliminate herbicide use where children and pets could be exposed. 


Cylinder Dollies

 There's a Red Dragon® Cylinder Dolly just right for you. Whether you need a handy way to move a simple 20-pound cylinder while flaming weeds or need the ability to move 100 pounders all day long. Two models to choose from.


Propane Flares

Red Dragon® Flares are another great product for the LP Industry From Flame Engineering.  All models feature stable and sturdy construction and can safely flare up to 529 gallons an hour.  Choose either Manual or Electronic.