GP-750 Vineyard & Orchard Flamers

The GP-750 is our smaller Berm Flamer unit and is designed to hold a 120 gallon tank. It comes with everything you need to start flaming right away. 


GP-750 Flaming
in an vineyard.

Break away boom
arms in action.


LT 2 x 8 Torches

The operator control
box allows great
flexibility to
the operator.


Always consult your propane dealer about purchasing the proper tank or have them check your existing tank to make sure it is clean and safe before you begin flaming. You MUST use a propane tank equipped with a Liquid Withdrawal Valve. Do NOT use a bottom withdrawal valve as any possible debris or scale may plug torches or solenoids down the line. We recommend a top-mounted, liquid withdrawal valve with a dip tube which reaches close to but does not rest on the bottom of the tank. Clean fuel and tank are critical for optimum performance of all flaming equipment.


The GP-750:

With 120-gallon tank capacity and four LT 2 x 8 torches, the GP-750 is perfect for smaller vineyard and orchard operations or for those needing a smaller unit to fit in between tight rows. Its compact size makes it lightweight and easily pulled behind an ATV or small tractor. Comes standard with a 2" ball hitch. The boom arms can be adjusted in both length height and feature a spring-loaded break-away system should you accidentally hit a vine or tree trunk. The boom arms also pin vertically for safe and easy transport.


The GP-750 features (4) LT 2 x 8 Burners.
The LT 2 x 8 Torches output up to 1,150,000 BTU/hr each and produce flames up to 36 inches in length and 18 inches in width. Each torch and its angle are fully adjustable so you can put the flame where you need it. Fuel consumption will range from 4-6 gallons (15-23 Liters) an hour depending on settings and conditions.


Complete Control From The Driver's Seat.
Another great feature of the GP-750 is the operator control box which can be mounted for easy access by the operator. The electronic solenoid system allows for master shut down and control over each burner independently making the unit safe and easy to operate. This also allows the operator the option of using either one or both sides at a time.



GP-750 Boom Arm Span


  • Complete uniframe and deck trailer assembly designed to carry an ASME (W.C.) tank, 24" diameter x 70" long
  • (4) LT 2 x 8 Torches - 1,150,000 BTU/hr Max
  • Adjustable, break-away boom arm assemblies
  • Complete Manifold Assembly with electronic solenoids
  • Control box with master shut-off switch and switches to right and left burner
  • All necessary hoses cut to length with brass fittings
  • Fuel Strainer
  • 2" ball hitch
  • Valve Protector
  • Red Dragon® Vapor Torch Kit for lighting torches
  • 120 Gallon Tank
  • Tires 16" rim, 27" overall


For more information about Red Dragon® GP-Series Flamers and Vineyard & Orchard Flaming please visit our Vineyard & Orchard Flaming FAQs page and our online Agricultural Flaming Guide or call and talk to one of our customer representatives toll free at 888-388-6724 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., M-F, Central Standard Time. Be sure to ask about our FREE Vineyard & Orchard Flaming Video or watch it today! Unit Manual can be found HERE.