Frequently Asked Questions

What torch do I need?

To learn how model numbers can tell you how big your flame will be, to what size of flame you need, visit the Choose a Torch page for more info!


I have only a weak/wimpy flame?

You are probably turning on your propane tank and torch kit too quickly. There is a safety valve located in the P.O.L. fitting that connects your hose to your propane tank. This feature is there to restrict propane in the event of an accident such as the hose being cut or damaged. If the kit is turned on too quickly the safety valve is activated and will restrict the flow of propane resulting in a very small, flickering, unusable flame. Note: (You do not want any added fittings, regulators, gauges, etc between your POL fitting and tank. The POL fitting will screw directly into the propane tank, left hand thread.) View P.O.L. video here. 

How do I properly start my torch kit?

Starting with everything off and closed (Propane tank and needle valve) SLOWLY crack the knob of your propane tank about ¼ to ½ of a turn. This will provide plenty of propane flow, depending on the level of propane in your tank, to provide a large useable flame. Next, you need to WAIT about 5-10 seconds for the propane to fill the hose. You will then slowly crack your adjusting needle valve about ½ a turn, and then proceed to light the torch. Following this procedure (also listed in your torch kit's instruction booklet) will prevent the safety valve from engaging and prohibiting your use. If you find that you have turned your kit on too quickly, shut everything off and give the P.O.L. safety feature time to reset (about 1 minute). See also instructions for clearing your Torch Kit's orifice. HINTNeither the tank valve nor the needle valve on the torch needs to be opened all the way to get a useable flame. You do not want any added fittings, regulators, gauges, etc between your POL fitting and tank. The POL fitting will screw directly into the propane tank, left hand threadSee Torch Manual here.   View P.O.L. video here.

Last time I used my torch kit it worked great, now it will not light?

There is an orifice located inside your torch that may be plugged. In the Mini Dragon™ torch, there is an orifice at the bottom of the torch were the flame comes out, as well as in the fitting that screws into your handle. In other torch kits, the orifice is located at the bottom of the torch only. The orifice is the pin sized hole in the middle of the fitting. If this hole is restricted, the propane cannot properly flow through the torch. With the torch kit turned off and the hose disconnected from the propane tank, locate the orifice and clear the area of debris such as cob webs, rust and dirt. You may use a small piece of wire, or compressed air to clear the orifice. NEVER use water as this may disrupt the performance of your torch kit. See also instructions for properly starting your torch kit. Instructional Manual here.

I am experiencing flame out when I am trying to flame my weeds.

If your flame goes out when you try to flame your weeds, you may be holding the torch to close to the ground and/or weeds. Fire needs oxygen to burn so it is easy to snuff out the flame if you get too close, especially for smaller flame weeding models. Try holding your torch kit farther away.

How do I assemble my torch kit?

The Weed Dragon® and Mini Dragon™ have no assembly required! See PDF downloads for instruction manuals for any of our Red Dragon® products.  Instructional Manual here.  View Basic Torch Assembly video here.  View Squeeze Valve Torch Assembly video here.

What is the small white pill/packet for?

This is your pipe thread sealant to be applied to all connections of your propane torch kit, except the P.O.L. Excess Flow valve to your propane tank. See your instruction manual for instructions on properly testing your torch kit for leaks. The Weed Dragon® and Mini Dragon™ do not require application of pipe thread sealant as these units arrive assembled. Instructional Manual here.   View Basic Torch Assembly video here.  View Squeeze Valve Torch Assembly video here.

My hose P.O.L. fitting does not seem to fit into the propane tank?

The fitting that screws into the propane tank (P.O.L. Excess Flow Valve) has a left hand thread therefore will screw into the tank to the left, instead of most threads that screw to the right. It will screw into the inside of the propane tank valve. This P.O.L. fitting will fit any standard propane tank, however may not screw all the way into the tank depending on the style of tank that you have. Be sure that the P.O.L. fitting fits snug into the propane tank if there are threads exposed. You do not want any added fittings, regulators, gauges, etc between your POL fitting and tank. The POL fitting will screw directly into the propane tank, left hand thread. Instructional Manual here.  View video here.

I have assembled my torch and some threads are still showing, is this normal?

There could be exposed threads at every connection of your assembled torch kit. For your protection, all Red Dragon Vapor Torch Kits include a capsule or packet of pipe thread sealant. Always apply this to all connections (except the P.O.L. fitting to the propane tank) when assembling your torch kit. Always leak test you torch before lighting by spraying soapy water on all connections, with the propane valve open (only a ¼ of a turn) but your torch kit NOT lit. If you have a leak, turn off the propane tank, correct the connection and retest before proceeding to light your torch kit.  Instructional Manual here.

Will my torch kit stay lit constantly?

Yes, until the propane is turned off at propane tank valve & exited out of the hose or the needle valve is shut off you will have a flame.

What does the squeeze valve do?

The squeeze valve feature allows you to set a low pilot setting that when the handle is squeezed you will get a full flame. There is always the option to bypass the squeeze valve for a constant full flame with the adjusting needle valve. The squeeze valve can be added to your torch kit later as the need arises. See the Squeeze Valve here.

Will my hand held torch kit come with a propane tank?

The only unit that comes standard with a propane tank is the Backpack unit. The 10# tank that is designed to mount on the backpack frame is Flame Engineering specific and will need to be taken to your local propane dealer for filling. All other hand held torches are recommended to operate with a standard 20# propane tank, commonly used with propane grills. These propane tanks can be found at your local hardware stores, retail chains or gas stations. The Mini Dragon™ Model# VT1-32C is designed for operation with a one pound cylinder commonly found in camping departments and gas stations. The Mini Dragon™ unit can be modified with a hose hookup kit (Model# SL-32C) to operate with a larger propane cylinder.  View video here.

How long will my propane tank last?

The longevity of your propane tank depends on the size of torch and propane tank. Most of our hand held torch kits require a 20# propane cylinder which will last from 45mins - 2 hours depending on a few different factors such as your torch kit size, outside air temperature, etc. The Mini Dragon™ operating on a 1# cylinder will last 1-2hrs. It is not necessary to have your needle valve & propane tank wide open to get a useable flame. This will extend your flaming time.

When should I flame my weeds?

We recommend flaming your weeds when they are 2-4 inches in height for maximum results. For weeds taller than 4 inches, or weeds with complex and established root systems such as vines and bind weed, it may take multiple applications. Learn more here.

Will I start a fire?

Please remember you are working with a live flame and flammable propane tank. Common sense is key when operating your flame weeding torch kit. We recommend flaming your weeds in the morning when the air and ground is dewy. Never flame conifers (evergreens, etc.) as they are highly flammable. You may also have a garden hose close for comfort. Learn more here.

Can I burn my weeds completely?

Yes, however you don't want to! You only want to heat the leaves of the weed in need of removal. If the weed is "burned to a crisp", the plant will shut down its photosynthesis system (process in which a plant produces its energy to survive and thrive), only to grow back from the unharmed root a few days later. The flaming process is a slow kill. By heating the leaves, you disrupt the structure of the cells therefore killing the plant and the roots from which it grows. It will take only a few days for weeds to dry up. Learn more here.

Will the flame kill my flowers and decorative plants?

Yes! Much like chemicals, the heat and flame does not know desirable from undesirable vegetation. If you must get close to plants you do not want to damage, consider using a barrier, such as a shovel, to shield them from harm. Learn more here.

Can I get rid of Poison Ivy?

Poisonous weeds are not to be flamed! The vapor caused when flaming poisonous weeds is released into the air and can land on your skin causing irritation, as well as inhaled which may cause serious health issues. Learn more here.

What kind of warranty does your product have?

Flame Engineering, Inc. takes pride in and stands by our Made in the U.S.A. products. We warrant against 100% of manufacturing defects. See more about our warranty here.

Where are the torches made?

Right here in the heart of the U.S.A! Flame Engineering proudly manufactures the Red Dragon products in Lacrosse, KS. All our products are assembled, manufactured and packaged in Kansas, America with U.S. sourced materials. Check out our Friends of Flame! See our Friends here!