If you have a larger rural property where large areas of flaming are needed or are in need of tractor mounted agricultural equipment, these options are for you!


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Heavy Duty Torch Kits

Each Red Dragon® Vapor Torch Kit includes everything necessary to operate except the propane tank.  Each propane torch kit features rugged, all-steel construction and is designed to operate on propane vapor only.  These torch kits boast a long 24" flame to cover large areas in no time! The first number in the model number is the diameter of the bell at the end of the torch where the flame comes out, and the second number is the length of the handle. These are our largest hand held torches!


Weed Dragon® Torch Kits

 The WEED DRAGON® is the perfect propane torch kit for home and garden use. We've regulated the flame and BTU down for homeowners who don't need the power of a farm torch and we've assembled it. This torch kit is still plenty powerful for lots of tough jobs all year long and generates heat up to 2,000° F. The 100,000 BTU Weed Dragon® quickly hooks up to any 20# refillable propane tank (barbeque cylinders work great) and even comes with a hand-tighten tank fitting (you don't even need a wrench!). These torches are more manageable for around the house with a 2" flame opening and 12" flame length. 


Agricultural Flamers

Red Dragon® Agricultural Flamers kill unwanted weeds and grasses, break down old growth to make room for new, destroy insect habitat and provide safe & effective weed control without the use of pesticides. Prior to herbicides and insecticides, flaming was fast becoming a popular control method in many crops. With so many growers seeking alternatives to pesticides, flaming is making a very successful comeback . . . and this time, we're here to stay. FLAMING: Effective, Economical, and Pesticide Free!  Be sure to check out the GF-2011 Multi-Purpose flamer if tractor mounted is too big!


Ag Hitches

RED DRAGON® Hitches mount on pickups, light trucks, and jeeps for quick, convenient towing behind implements or tractors.  Two rugged, all steel styles to choose from for strong, dependable service.  Hitches also come with a durable powder coat finish and are made in the U.S.A.  Red Dragon® Hitches make field work a one man job! 


Jet Torch Kits/Pear Burners

Use high capacity Red Dragon® Jet Torches to knock down heavy weeds and hard to reach brush fast and easy. Perfect for road and irrigation ditches, fence rows, culverts and more. The torches are especially suitable as "pear burners" in the Southwest, where thorns are flamed to make cactus plants edible for livestock. We offer two Jet Torch Kits. Both models maintain a pilot flame and are triggered to full flame with a convenient squeeze valve at the handle. Jet torches operate up to full tank pressure and are as close to a flame thrower as we make by producing flames up to 6 feet (HUGE TORCH!). We recommend no less than a 100 lb. vapor cylinder.


Light Duty Shop Torches

These small torch kits, often referred to as our Shop Torches, are great for shop and detail work! Perfect to use for: Starting charcoal, campfires, chimeneas and burn barrels, Thawing frozen water pipes, Heating metal castings, pipe and tubing, branding irons, pots, kettles, and tar, Removing, paint, grease, oil, plastic and other residues from metal, concrete and other nonflammable, objects AND MUCH MORE!


Cylinder Dollies

There's a Red Dragon® Cylinder Dolly just right for you. Whether you need a handy way to move a simple 20-pound cylinder while flaming weeds or need the ability to move 100 pounders all day long. Two models to choose from.


Ultimate Fire Starter

The Mini Dragon™ JR is the Ultimate Fire Starter when connected to a standard 1 lb. cylinder.  Its effectiveness with extreme convenience and portability allows for it to go anywhere.  Perfect for: Camping (even starts damp/wet wood!) • Fire Pits • Barbecues • Chimeneas • Heating • Melting • Thawing • Much, Much More!