Complete Row Crop Flaming Units

Red Dragon® Row Crop Flaming Units come with everything you need and are available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 row configurations.


3 Burner Models To Choose From Based on Row Spacing:

LT 1 1/2 x 8 D

This is our standard Row Crop Burner. It projects a sweeping flame up to 10" wide and 33" long.

LT 2 x 8

This optional Row Crop Burner projects a sweeping flame up to 18" wide and 36" long.

LT 1 1/2 x 6

This optional Row Crop Burner projects a concentrated flame up to 6" wide and 16" long.



Customer Testimonial:

My wife and I have a 15 acre farm in Phoenix Arizona where we grow vegetables using organic methods. In growing organically we are very limited when it comes to weed control (we seem to grow more weeds than vegetables). I watched your videos on Row Crop equipment and was sold on the idea. Your staff was extremely helpful. I must admit I was terrified at the thought of aiming a torch at the base of my sweet corn even though I had seen it done in the videos. I think the hardest thing I have ever done was letting my foot off the clutch the first time I drove through my corn with my 2-Row Burner. But guess what?...The corn survived just fine and the weeds did not!
Bob Berglund - Grandma's Farm


Always consult your propane dealer about purchasing the proper tank or have them check your existing tank to make sure it is clean and safe before you begin flaming. You MUST use a propane tank equipped with a Liquid Withdrawal Valve. Do NOT use a bottom withdrawal valve as any possible debris or scale may plug torches or solenoids down the line. We recommend a top-mounted, liquid withdrawal valve with a dip tube which reaches close to, but does not rest on the bottom of the tank. Clean fuel and tank are critical for optimum performance of all flaming equipment. Please check with us before selecting your propane tank.