Alfalfa Flaming FAQs

What is the average fuel consumption and cost per acre?

You can expect to use between 20 and 30 gallons (76-114 Liters) an acre. The cost per acre depends on the price of propane.

When is the best time to flame alfalfa?

The best time to flame is in the late winter or early spring, when you see the first signs of growth in your alfalfa.

Will flaming hurt my alfalfa?

No. If the alfalfa is green, it will only slow growth for a few days, but there will be no adverse effects.

Can I flame between cuttings?

You may flame between cuttings if necessary. Typically, this will delay the next cutting by 3-5 days.

What size tank is recommended?

No specific tank size is needed. The tank size is determined by how long you want to operate between refills. Using 500 to 1000 gallon tanks is common.

Can more than one unit be hooked together to cover a wider swath?

Yes. 2 or 3 TD12LPS units can be connected to make a 24' or 36' set-up. The producer is responsible for the additional plumbing and fabricating to make this possible.

How fast can I travel while flaming?

Ground speed around 3-5 miles per hour is recommended. Speed will vary depending on the amount of foliage.