#BP223C Weed Dragon® Back Pack Kit

Product Description
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The Weed Dragon® backpack is great for smaller jobs since we have regulated the flame and BTU down for those who don't need the power of a larger torch. The torch has a 2" bell and a total length of 27 1/2" and is shipped assembled, (Propane tanks are shipped empty. Simply take to your local propane dealer to fill.)

Vapor Torch  VT2-23
5' U.L. Listed LP Gas Hose   HP5
Hand-Tighten U.L. Listed Excess Flow P.O.L. P-W795
Flame Adjusting Needle Valve     V-334
BackPack Frame w/Brackets    BP2512
U.L Listed Regulator R-700C
10 lb Fuel Cylinder (3 gal. capacity) C-11
Spark Lighter L2002
Maximum Capacity  100,000 BTU/hr
Normal Operating Pressure 18 PSI
Operating Pressure Range   5-25 PSI
Approximate Flame Temperature   2050 F
Fuel Consumption @ 18 P.S.I.  2.25 lbs/hr
Max Fuel Consumption   4.6 lbs/hr
Fuel Inlet   1/4" NPT
Torch Bell Diameter 2"
Handle Length  23"
Overall Torch Length   27 1/2"

  • Red Dragon® Torch
    These powerful vapor torch kits are perfect for farm & ranch, construction, grounds maintenance, road crews, industry and more! Put a Red Dragon® To Work for You!

  • Weed Dragon®
    The WEED DRAGON® is the perfect propane torch kit for home and garden use. We've assembled the kit plus regulated the flame and BTU down for homeowners.

  • How to Install the Straps on the Frame
  • How to Assemble the Torch Kit
  • "BACKPACK – We have honey bees and do not use chemicals so the Red Dragon Flame torch is a perfect solution for weed control."
    A. Weaver – Salisbury, NC
  • "BACKPACK – Great Product, works like a charm."
    R. Walston – Raleigh, NC




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