What is flame weeding?

What is flame weeding?

Flame weeding is an effective way to control weeds without the use of pesticides or herbicides. The process relies on propane gas burners to produce an intense, directed flame that briefly passes over the weeds. This exposure to heat kills the weeds, and propane is a clean-burning fuel that leaves no residual chemicals in the soil. Flame weeding is easy to use and can be done by hand-held or tractor-mounted devices. It is an organic method of weed control that is safe for humans and the environment.

Flame weeding is the "slow kill". You'll be destroying cell structure in your plant's leaf, and it won't put any more energy towards growth ( photosynthesis) taking a toll on those roots too! YES--even big weeds will eventually show signs of stunting or even being killed by this method within just days.

When you're looking for an alternative to conventional weed control methods, flame weeding may be just what your garden needs. A "slow kill" that will stop growth and even pod destruction in its tracks with little effort on behalf of the plant itself!

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  • Sarah Nattier