Using a flame weeder in your yard and garden

Using a flame weeder in your yard and garden

Weed control doesn't have to be tedious and chemical-laden. A flame weeder is an excellent way of keeping weeds at bay, but it does come with a few restrictions - both for where you can use it as well as the types of plants that can benefit (or harm) from its application!

What are flame weeders?

Flame weeding torches provide an efficient and effective way to get rid of unwanted weeds without using harsh chemicals. This handheld device utilizes extreme heat - powered by easily accessible, cleaning burning propane -  for a brief period of time in order to kill off the targeted plants—without burning them! There are different systems available based on your needs: choose from backpack-style flame weeders or rolling machines with propane tanks attached onto wheeled dollies. For home gardeners it's recommended you buy one that is over 40,000 BTUs in power; many go as high as 100,000 BTUs if you’re looking for extra precision control.

Is flame weeding effective?

For best results when flame weeding, target weeds that are no taller than 2-4 inches; they'll be easier to eliminate permanently. Noticeably smaller plants will die off quickly with flaming and won't have the chance of returning - however, this technique is mainly suited for annuals alone. Without destroying their roots in the soil as well, perennials tend to come back despite a single treatment so it's important to keep up constantly with re-treating every couple weeks or whenever new growth pops out from beneath!

What are the benefits of using a flame weeder?

Flame weeding is a fast and effective way to keep weeds at bay all season long! Flame provides an easy, low-impact option for weed control - you don't have to invest in any mechanical equipment or bend down which can save your back from aches. Plus, flame does not disturb the soil so dormant weed seeds won’t be brought up that might otherwise lead to more germination later on. Not only is this method great for convenience but it's also eco friendly; no toxic substances are used so there's zero exposure of risk towards humans, pets, wildlife etc., unlike with non-organic herbicides. It works well even against tough challenges like those pesky sidewalk cracks or between patio pavers & some metal fence materials (depending if they're coated). Get efficient while being environmentally conscious by using your rugged flame weeder!

What's the catch?

Flame weeding is a great way to eradicate pesky weeds – aiming and targeting just where you need it. But, if care isn't taken, the heat can unfortunately leak over onto desirable plants in tight spots such as vegetable gardens or flower beds. Fire safety should be top-of-mind too when flame weeding; keep pets and children away from any area of active use - no exceptions!

You also want to make sure that you do not flame when it is extremely dry, on dry climates or during drought - conifers are VERY flammable! You want to be mindful of poisonous plants that will emit toxic vapors you can ingest.

How do I use a flame weeder?

To keep your flame weeder user-safe and effective, it's a good idea to water the area beforehand if soil is dry. Water on the plants will not change the effectiveness of the treatment. Once you’re ready to use your torch, sweep each weed quickly - only for a split second! With this method, leaves will turn a darker green and wilt. That's it! In a few days you will notice the plant dying and drying. If they green back up, hit them again, only to the point of wilt. If you burn them to a crisp, they shut down and come right back! the "slow kill" takes the damage through the root system, effectively killing the whole plant. 

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  • Sarah Nattier