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Red Dragon® Vineyard & Orchard Flamers

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GP-Series Berm Flamers Kill Weeds, Grass and destroy Insect Habitat without using pesticides, saving you up to 50% over other methods of weed & pest control. They are also used to remove leaves on vine canopy and an alley attachment is available to control growth between the berms.

Flamers Can Be Used For Different Applications Year-Round:

Red Dragon® GP-Series Vineyard and Orchard Flaming Equipment offer producers a variety of effective, economical, and pesticide-free options for their operations. Berm flaming is an effective weed & pest control method which can be applied as often as needed to keep the berm clean without damaging vines, trees, irrigation systems, vine protectors, or the environment. Red Dragon® GP-Series flamers burn clean, efficient propane, so there is no residue, run-off, or possible groundwater contamination. Flaming is an excellent method for both organic and conventional growers looking for an effective alternative to pesticides and manual labor.

A complete winter burn down can also be applied to destroy insect habitat by burning ground cover, leaves, and grasses. Other applications of flaming include several vine canopy management procedures such as overhead trellis D.O.V. raisins. This allows more sunlight to the grapes and makes cane cutting easier. For more detailed information about berm flaming and its applications see our Ag Flaming Guide or our Vineyard & Orchard Flaming FAQs page.

Flame Engineering Manufactures Equipment To Fit Your Needs:

Flame Engineering manufactures 2 complete flaming units. 

We offer Berm Flaming Kits which can be used with an existing trailer set up and an alley attachment for flaming between the berms. The Alley Attachment will fit on the back of either the GP-750 or the GP-1000.