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#LT21/2-30C Liquid Torch Kit


The LT 2 1/2-30 C is the smaller of the 2 Liquid Torch Kits. The torch is 3 feet in length and is rated up to 250,000 BTU. A great general use torch kit. Liquid withdrawal tank required.

Kit includes:

Liquid Torch LT21/2-30
10' U.L. Listed LP Gas Hose   HP10C
U.L. Listed Excess Flow P.O.L. Fitting   P-3200W
Flame Adjusting Valve        V-3055
Pipe Thread Sealant 

Liquid Torch Kit Model LT21/2-30C 250,000 BTU Specifications:

Maximum Capacity  250,000 BTU/hr
Normal Operating Pressure  40 P.S.I.
Operating Pressure Range     5-70 P.S.I.
Approximate Flame Temperature        2050°F
Maximum Fuel Consumption     11.6 lbs/hr
Fuel Inlet           1/4" NPT
Torch Bell Diameter           2 1/2"
Handle Length              26"
Overall Torch Length              36"
Made in USA


  • Red Dragon® Torch
    These powerful vapor torch kits are perfect for farm & ranch, construction, grounds maintenance, road crews, industry and more! Put a Red Dragon® To Work for You!

  • The World's Greatest in Flame Technology
    Flame Engineering is the Leader when it comes to flaming equipment. From a single torch, developed for use on the family farm, Flame Engineering, Inc. has expanded its product line to over 100 items with products sold all over the World.


  • For models VT11/2-12C, VT3-60C, VT3-60SVC, LT21/2-30C, LT3-60C
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